Always perfectly groomed and without a hair out of place, these 8 stars all have completely flawless makeup to take your inspiration from. It’s great to shake up your usual beauty regime with something new, be it a bright blue eyeshadow or a new lip colour – you’d never know what might suit you unless you try it and see the results. So, why not take your cue from these 8 unique beauty looks and give it a go?

Some have gone for a very natural/glowing complexion, highlighting their cheekbones with a good bronzer and then completing the look with a lick of mascara and a nude lipgloss for the ultimate in minimal beauty that looks really stunning and showing off their natural beauty. Some have opted to add some color – Jennifer Lopez wowed with cherry lipgloss and a light smoky eye on one occasion recently, while Cheryl Cole lit up Cannes Film Festival with a dramatic dark eyeshadow as she took to the red carpet. Angelina Jolie went for a full-on makeup look that included a brown eyeshadow and matt red lip which worked amazingly with her peachy skintone, and Kristen Stewart experimented with a simple plum lipgloss that gave her outfit a pop of color.

Pick a look and go for it – experiment with perfecting a natural look and build to something even more daring and bold such as a smoky eye in a dramatic shade, sculpted cheekbones emphasized with a dab of highlighter or even a penciled-in eyebrow to add facial structure. Take a peek at these 8 great makeup looks and take it from there…


1. Angelina Jolie


2. Cheryl Cole

3. Jennifer Lopez

4. Kerry Washington
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5. Kim Kardashian

6. Kristen Stewart

7. Mila Kunis

8. Taylor Swift