There’s never any doubt in excellence when it comes to Armani. I’ve been checking out the latest ad campaign of Armani Exchange and it is pretty amazing.
It’s featured in black and white- introducing the “Style Surveillance” in the image of two lovers escaping together and the possible idea of being watched and who is doing the watching. It’s up to you to decide! No matter what side you choose, it’s going to be opted with sexiness, hotness, elegance and chic: because let’s face it, we are talking about Armani, here!

The ad features fitting designs, flowing dresses, stylish denim pieces, cool sweaters, sexy jackets to go with matching skinny jeans and accessories such as scarves and gorgeous sun glasses (couldn’t keep my eyes off of them).
On a related matter, of course, the ad was shot in Palm Springs, California by a great photographer Matthew Scrivens featuring models Alexander Cunha and Barbara Palvin in the Armani Exchange Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign that turned out to be really hot.
As far as goes to men’s wear, this season is a mix’n’match, so go nuts in creativity: you get a variety of as jeans with stylish shirts, polo shirts, knitted cardigans as well as blazers. And if you need any help, there’s always the “Special Someone” you boys can turn to for help.

Photos courtesy of Armani Exchange