There will hardly be anyone who doesn’t like the crazy and fun days at the beach or the pool. And as it is summer now, it’s high time to make sure that you have all the necessary things in your beach bag. If you haven’t taken care about this yet, there’s no better time to start getting ready than right now. From buying a new flirty swimsuit that will show off your fantastic silhouettes to finding the best sunscreen formula for you, this is one of the most exciting and favorite activities for many women, who are looking forward to their perfect summer vacation.

Although preparing your beach bag may seem quite an easy task, if you don’t plan everything beforehand, you may miss some essential things necessary at the beach. To help you get all your beach bag essentials, we have created a list of must haves for your summer vacation.
It’s quite obvious that one of the most important things in your beach bag should be a properly-chosen sunscreen. Pay attention to several factors, while choosing your sunscreen cream. If your skin is keen on acne, the best option will be an oil-free sunscreen. If your skin is sensitive, it’s advised to take a separate sunscreen for your body and another one for your face. Make sure to buy a sunscreen against both UVA and UVB and apply it as frequently, as possible to ensure maximum protection.
Sunglasses, hair spray and lip balm
Sunglasses are a must for your eyes, protecting against harmful sunrays. It’s advised to buy sunglasses that are labeled as “UV 400,” as they offer a better protection against UV rays. An ultra moisturizing lip balm with SPF will protect your lips from sun damage. And surely you should care about your hair, as it may need some TLC to have a fabulous look. It’s advised to condition your tresses properly and use an UV protectant hair spray.

Bikini, flip-flops, cover up, accessories and Ziploc bags
To ensure your fabulous and shiny look at the beach it’s advised to take some hair and fashion accessories, a cute cover-up, such as mini dresses, tunics or even a long sleeved men shirt. A sarong will be the deal to play up your upper body part. And to make sure all these things aren’t scattered all around your bag, take a Ziploc bag.
Minimal makeup
If you don’t feel confident without any makeup, it’s advised to carry a very light and natural one. In this case the best option will be a tinted moisturizer, a lip balm, a water-resistant mascara and bloating papers to ensure your makeup stays flawless. If you plan to be quite active at the beach, you can also take an emery board, in case you break a nail.
Magazine/novel, headphones and snacks
To not get bored all the time lying in the sun, you should be sure to have the necessary entertainment pieces at hand, such as a light reading material, headphones to enjoy your favorite tunes. A few snack options will help you curb your hunger at quite a chip price. However make sure to stay away from chocolate, which is prone to melting. The best option to curb your thirst will be water and homemade unsweetened tea.


Image courtesy of Getty Images