The world-famous French beauty brand, Bourjois has once again brought the color splash into fashion, creating a new fabulous line of nail polishes, which ensure not only durability without any chopping, but also promote a myriad of vibrant shades, allowing you to mix and match and create various dazzling nail art designs. Bourjois Vernis 10 Jours Nail polish collection contains special ingredients that guarantee foolproof results for up to 10 days. So go and check the new 12 shades and give them a try to ascertain it.

The new Bourjois nail polishes are enriched with pro-silicon, which creates a special nail protective barrier and thus makes the manicure stick to your nails for a longer time. Now your nails will not only look beautiful and dapper, but will also be strong and healthy.
All the 12 shades come with a new brush, featuring a slight angle that delivers double benefits. With its wide profile you can apply the manicure easily and with the slight curve you can flawlessly get the first stroke of your nail polish.

Bourjois Vernis 10 Jours Nail polish collection is highly versatile, featuring both flashy and neutral tones and you’ll be able to pick up any color according to your mood. Here are the 12 shades:
• 11 Poppy
• 12 White pearl
• 13 Soft pink
• 14 Lilac-Rose
• 15 Fuchsia
• 16 Coral rose
• 17 Bougainvillea
• 18 Dark blue/petrol
• 19 Deep violet
• 20 Glamorous red
• 21 Deep red
• 22 Chic brown

You can wear your new manicure either individually or turn to your bright imagination, getting fantastic nail art designs. Boost the beauty of your nails and get ready to shine at any event.


Photo courtesy of Bourjois