If you are a voguish personality, your hair must be always gorgeous. The breezy summer days are just around the corner, and if you haven’t made an appointment with your hairdresser yet, it’s high time to visit a professional hair stylist and obtain a new, stunning hairstyle. If you want to find an appropriate hair color going with your new smashing hairstyle, just draw some inspiration from these celebrity summer hair highlights ideas. Check out the line of stylish hair colors and see which one matches your features, skin tone, personality and interests. Meet the hot season not only with your new updated clothing style, but also with a drop-dead-gorgeous hairstyle.

It’s very important to consult your hair stylist to find the best hair color matching your overall appearance and style. In fact, you can yourself find the best hair color based on your analysis about your skin tone and base shade. It’s advised to choose a hair color, which is 1-2 tones lighter or darker than the base shade. One of the trendy hair colors of the hot season is honey blonde. This color looks stunningly mesmerizing and illuminating on your gorgeous locks, granting them with a great volume and natural gloss. If you really like how Tyra Banks or Ashley Greene looks, you’ll definitely stop on the honey blond hair color.

Caramel hair highlights can be another great option for your new look. Learn from Vanessa Hudgens or Eva Longoria the art of sporting your gorgeous brunette locks to make your hairstyle even catchier. Here the stress is laid on the idea of mixing lighter brunette shades with the darker base tone. If you really want to get a new, catchy, sexy hair color, caramel hair highlights are just for you.
Whatever hair color you choose, never forget about your skin tone to get a more natural look, which is always appreciated the most.

Image courtesy of Getty Images