So, makeup, huh? A conversation every woman is interested in.
Sit back and relax ladies, because the new Fall/Winter 2011 collection of Chanel eye-shadows is in the market!
Let’s start with Chanel Illusion d’Ombre. It’s a 6 color selection with beautiful textures, and everybody’s raving about it (even famous makeup artists use them on shoots, on the red carpet), if you want to buy them, don’t hold your breath ladies.

This collection has cream shadows, like metallic whipped mousses, that give certain audacity to the eyes, they fit perfectly and merge with your skin color instantly. As you know some shadow colors have to be used only during one part of the day; some might be too light for evening or too colorful for day, but these textures are for the whole day. During the day they match perfectly with natural light and give very light and tender glittering, in the evening time, they shine with the right amount, so you don’t need to spend extra time and change your eye-shadow with this Chanel collectionIllusion d’Ombre. Check out the colors:
• Fantasme- silvery white
• Emerveille- peachy shimmer
• Illusoire- taupe-plum
• Epatant- khaki silver (my favorite)
• Mirifique- midnight blue black
• Ebloui-deep burgundy

Chanel Beige Lamé – a soft, very subtle and sophisticated texture that is perfect during the workday. You do not want to be meeting with your employers at the office with a very and bright shadow color. This texture is quite convenient – it gives alight lining; not too noticeable, but also elegant and feminine at the same time.
Chanel Prelude Eye-Shadow Palette, now, this batch is my most favorite. The colors are light and tender, sparkly and little glittery (in the right amount) bright and very subtle. They are gorgeous for any season of the year, for any part of the day. The colors include:
• Softly beige highlight
• Putty-taupe
• Very soft tan
• Deep brown infused with a light plum tone.
Take a look at some photos and you will definitely find a suitable texture for you with Chanel Eye-Shadow collection 2011.

Photos courtesy of Chanel