The beloved cosmetics brand of many girls, Clarins, strives to make you love your skin and its latest collection is especially devoted to this motto, coming up with all the basic products to boost your natural beauty. For creating its new summer collection Clarins drew inspiration from the beauty mosaics of the ancient times, when they were associated with the high class society of the Western civilizations. Not only does the design of the makeup products in the Clarins Mozaique summer 2011 collection reflect the mosaic details, but also the color palette. The collection features fresh summer hues, complementing all skin tones and making your skin radiate natural beauty. Pick up your favorite makeup products from Clarins:

Clarins Quench Lip Balm
The new Clarins lip balms will coat your lips with endless sophistication and seductiveness. The lip balms are based on 100% natural polymer, as plant based makeup products are more beneficial for your skin. Thanks to the non-sticky formula the color glides softly on your lips, while the hydrating ingredients will make your lips remain soft and hydrated. Select your favorite hue from:
• pink marshmallow
• 02 – peach nectar
• 03 – candy pink
• 04 – raspberry smoothie
• 05 – delicious plum
• 06 – sweet papaya
• 07 – strawberry sorbet
• 08 – sweet fig

Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm
With these amazing lip balms your lips will get a transparent glossy effect and will look both natural and glamorous. They also feature a sweet flavoring courtesy of vanilla flavored red fruits and liquorices. Go for one of the 3 fabulous lip balm hues:
• 01 – crystal coral
• 02 – crystal
• 03 – crystal red

Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact Powder SPF 10 and Waterproof Mascara
A subtle bronzed skin looks very elegant and dazzling, so give a summerish glow to your skin, going for this mosaic detail compact bronzing powder, which also offers SPF protection. Thanks to the vitamin E your skin will look healthier and softer. The ingredients in the powder also feature light refection, which gives a radiant glow to your skin.
Another must in the summer heat is waterproof mascara that will guarantee the long lasting alluring effect of your eyelashes. Give your skin a natural glow, making the Clarins Mozaique summer 2011 collection your selection.

Photo courtesy of Clarins