Smell plays a crucial role in a person’s reputation, especially the smell of a woman. No woman would spare any money to get an exclusive and seductive fragrance, since a properly-chosen perfume captures everyone’s attention and arouses various emotions and feelings towards that person. Diane von Furstenberg is one of those powerful women, who know the real essence of a seductive perfume and she’s directed her attention to this field, launching a new tempting fragrance for women. There is no need to look for a unique way of standing out and hooking everyone’s attention, since there is a new perfect seductive tool for you called “Diane” fragrance.

The “Diane” fragrance came out after a period of 8 years, which is quite a long period, but definitely worth it, since the new perfume seems to be an interpretation of everything beautiful, something capable of bringing a sense of empowerment and confidence that women need.
It’s quite clear that Diane’s great experience in fashion helped her a lot to create something really original and wonderful. “People forgot about the power of perfume and the magic of perfume. Perfume has been used since antiquity to seduce. It is about emotion; it is memory and addiction,” states Diane.
This is the reason why she decided to create a new fragrance that will capture the essence of beauty and seductiveness. In an interview she said: “Everything I saw and everything I do is all about the same thing: Be the woman you want to be. It’s all about empowering women.”
The “Diane” fragrance was created in collaboration with Chantal Ross and crafted by Aurelien Guichard of Givaudan. It consists of two floral top notes – frangipani and violet. The middle notes of woody give some warmth and power to the scent, while the base notes of patchouli, myrrh and musk evoke femininity.
The launch of the fragrance took place on Diane’s and her husband’s private 305 foot yacht on the Hudson River. The “Diane” fragrance will be available in different sizes of EDT and EDP and will also feature body lotion for those who want to get the complete package.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images