Do you want your nails to look stylish and fashionable like the famous do on red carpets? Well, here’s your chance, as we have the runway nail color trends for fall 2012 already! Remember, it’s mostly a matter of imagination and dare to experiment, so get on with it cause it’s time to show off your beautiful, stylish nails.
This season’s nail polish trends differ more in attitude and versatility; the selection is dominant with creamy, nude colors- that go perfectly with the skin complexion, with beautiful shades of red and darker hues- that express your dare and really pop out in view and last but not least, as well as a gorgeous selection of metallic tones that make your nails look more glamorous and chic. So, it’s up to you to choose any color and nail art for you, just as long as you feel comfortable and confident!

The hottest Runway Nail Colors for fall of 2012 are already available at stores, so just get your favorite hues to update your beauty kit for the upcoming season. Take inspirational from these “voguish backstage images” and start creating your feminine look for the fall days.

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