Nails are an important issue to take care of, so don’t forget to keep up with the new fashion look for 2012. You’re in luck, because now the Runway Nail Design Trends for fall 2012 are available.
I’m not gonna lie to you, but this really is a matter of time and a little aptitude towards art. I’m not much of an artistic person myself, and I’m not really good at drawing, so any trend of Runway for 2012 that I wanted I had it done by a pro. But, for those you, who have an apt for this kind of stuff, can really be a fun adventure to experiment with.

So get rid of the boring colors and start making your nails look hot, unique and fashionable with bright colors and classy designs. Let your imagination go loose and start creating your own fashion. Here are a few points, however, I would like to mention; they’ll be of great use to you.
So, for starters use a nail kit, then continue with a pattern, polka dot manicure. You can moisturize to prepare for the job, but that’s really by choice, same as using minx and colorful foils, in the end to apply the nail polish to make it look like one of these amazing styles that Runway represents us. Start creating the style for your nails and have a great upcoming fall. In order to get a more vibrant look, you can always match your mani padi, so good luck!

Image courtesy of CND,, Blog Stylesight