Fashion designers salaries vary hugely depending on many different factors. Fashion designing is a career sought after by many girls, especially in their younger years. But how do you know if it is something you want to do the rest of your life?

For many girls, fashion and style is a hobby. Shopping is addincting, and what better job could there possibly be for an inspired, fashion driven teen than setting out toward a lucrative career in design. However, it’s not that easy. Here’s why…

Fashion design is one of the hardest areas to break into. Millions of girls who set out to be the next big fashion designers end up working for a brand name company in some position they’d never imagined they would be a few years earlier. The main reason for this is because of the pure competition. It takes a lot to be a quality fashion designer, you must be very artistically driven as well as smart. A good fashion designer knows exactly what people will want in x amount of months down the road, and creates exactly that.

But not to be discouraged, if you think this is a career you’d love, hell.. go for it. There’s nobody stopping you but yourself. On the topic of enthusiasm, I’d like to point out the benefits to you if you do become the next big fashion designer.Most stats websites will tell you a career in fashion design will net you around $50,000 / year or so. Not too high, not that desireable all things being equal. These numbers do not reflect the actual salary of fashion designers, they represent a variety of different jobs within the industry, that often have nothing to do with the actual position of fashion design..

Is this good news or bad news you might wonder?

Well luckily for you few people who have what it takes to become the next big fashion designer, you’ve got quite a bright future ahead of you.

If you’re doing contract work for companies, good companies will often pay you up to $10,000 / design that they use. If you do a couple big projects per year along with some smaller ones, it’s not too far off to walk away with $250,000 / year salary. Not bad!

Is a career in fashion design something for you?