With the temperature rising, most women opt for lighter makeup, refusing a highly elaborate one. However it doesn’t mean that we have to give up defining the beauty of our eyes with the help of a fabulous eye shadow, only because of the reason that it is summer. Actually not benefiting of the latest Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadow collection containing 12 unique metallic shades would be just a great pity.

The luxury cosmetics brand has created not only new alluring hues, but also a new technology. The volcanoes, marble and the rare stones of Italy have served as a perfect source of inspiration for creating these breathtaking eye shadow hues, combining several pearlized colors to get a smashing look.
Giorgio Armani himself describes the advantage of the new eye shadows, which envelop both fantastic color and a great quality: “A breakthrough super shine, high voltage color film that glides on and vibrates around the clock. Powder-free Eyes to Kill Intense blends and layers to create a deep color water resistant, crease proof finish and a spectacular eye.”
The creative director for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Linda Cantello stated in her turn: “It’s fantastic! I have never, in all my years seen an eye shadow product like this… It breaks barriers and introduces a whole new color category…All I can say is wow! Feel it, see it, experience it, wet or dry, you will be convinced!”

Lust Red, White Punch, Pulp Fiction, Airy Jade

The secret of these fabulous eye shadows lies in the ColorfilTM hybrid formula, which ensures the eye shadows last for 24 about hours. The base color serves to cover the lid, while the second hue ensures you get the desired dramatic effect for a more stunning look. Once you apply your new Giorgio Armani eye shadows, you don’t have to worry throughout the day, as they are crease proof, flake proof, waterproof and even sweat-proof. As for the texture, the eye shadows appear rather creamy at first sight, however they are more powder-based. No wonder the highest quality of the makeup products is guaranteed.

Sweet Fire, Rock Sand, Blast of Blue, Purpura

Here are the hues, featured in the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadow collection:
• Lust Red – a marvelous ruby red shade with burgundy accents combined with dark black and blue violet tones
• White Punch- a soft neutral toned eyeshadow with subtle peach tones
• Airy Jade – a dreamlike jewel shade that is strong yet discreet
• Pulp Fiction – a surprising gunmetal silver shade with delicate pink tones
• Khaki Pulse – a fab bronze shade with a subtle green sheen
• Gold Blitz – a shiny gold shade with bronze accents
• Champagne – a dark pink and champagne shade with a bright metallic sheen
• Moonlight – an alluring white silver and pink combo
• Sweet Fire – a feminine rose pink shade
• Rock Sand – a strong metallic champagne hue with pink sheen
• Blast of Blue – a deep blue shade with gold touches
• Purpura – a rich violet toned eyeshadow with golden tones
All the eye shadows are priced $32 each. Brows through the mesmerizing color combos and pick up the ones, complementing you the most and amplifying the seductiveness of your eyes.

Champagne, Moonlight, Gold Blitz, Khaki Pulse

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani