Seasonal changes take place so quickly that it’s much better to prepare for the next season as soon as possible. With the fall season so close, many renowned designers have already taken care about the upcoming trends and have presented their new fall collections, whether fashion or makeup. Givenchy is one of them, which has managed to launch its fall 2011 makeup collection, entitled as Givenchy Je Veux La Lune (translation: I want the moon). The Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Fall 2011 makeup collection is characterized as being extremely dramatic and unique, where a high accent is placed on sensuality through intense colors, which actually is one of the hottest makeup trends for fall 2011.
I want the moon is an extraordinary collection, which will boost your best facial features and femininity through powerful and sensual shades, thus creating a special mysterious and seductive makeup that will make you shine in the moonlight. This time Givenchy has focused on the great contrast between light and dark hues, which led to an amazingly alluring makeup collection that simply dazzles.
The Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Fall 2011 makeup collection features the following high quality makeup products:
Les Ombres de Lune
“The moon’s shadows” is a limited edition of fabulous illuminating powders for cheeks, eyes and complexion. The colors create an amazing contrasting effect that will make heads turn. Go for one of the two hues available:
• Lune Mysterieuse No.1 – black and pearl white mix
• Lune Mordoree No.2 – dark blue and golden pearl

Le Prisme Blush-Glow
After giving you eyes a more dramatic look, it’s time to highlight your cheeks with a subtle definition. To get a perfect balance, opt for one of the four pastel hues, enriched with illuminating particles for a surreal finish. You can apply the blush individually or mix one with some other shades. The blush is titles as:
• Lune Rosee No.41 – cool fun pearly hues in soft pink, tangerine, pink and coral

Rouge Interdit and Gloss Interdit
For the upcoming fall a great bold accent is placed on lips, so try to make your lips appear as seductive and as sensual as possible through highly accentuating lipsticks. The Givenchy lipsticks and lip glosses will certainly ensure an attention grabbing look. Select your favorite hue from:
• Rouge Interdit Lune Carmin No.52 – dark sensual red
• Gloss Interdit Lune Carmin No.31 – dark sensual red
Gelle d’Interdit
If you want your lips to have a more natural look, and still stand out for their glamorous and seductive appearance, Givenchy’s Gellee d’Interdit will be the perfect option for you. The silver flecked sheer gloss will grant your lips with an innocent and chic finish. The lip gloss is entitled as:
• Lune Argentee – a sheer fab pink with silver sparkles
Magic Kohl
The limited edition Givenchy eyeliner will give your eyes more depth and dimension and make your look more alluring and mysterious. Get a bold or simple makeup, choosing Givenchy’s Marine Blue No.16 black and blue flecks colored eyeliner pencil.


Photo courtesy of Givenchy