Hairstyle is an important aspect of personal fashion, marker of social class, age, political beliefs.
For years, thousands of hairstyles have merged into life of fashion. Each year you get a variety of hairstyles. Check out this year’s most fashionable and famous hairstyles.

Hairstyle collection of 2011 is an interesting combination of modern and classical style (remember- hair is all about revivals and evolution). We see a tendency of short hairstyles this year due to which, this year is regarded as the comeback of 80’s styles.
If you wish to keep updating this year’s hairstyles (broken into categories, such as casual, formal, alternative in a range of different lengths, textures, colors and highlights) feel free to browse through the photos presented below, where you can definitely find the style to suit you and your image.
Further on a tip; make sure to take into account your facial shape, your skin tone, your hair texture when choosing a hairstyle. So, whether there are short, long, bob, loose or modern haircuts you should remember; any style is perfect, you just have to find the one perfect for you.

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