Be it short or long hair, managing it sometimes can be a mission. Do you keep the special hair dos for particular events? Or do you year to have those perfect locks like celebrities? If it is a nod, step in to your hair salon for celebrity fashion hairstyles that can give you a chic silhouette worth flattering. Here’s a list of the celebrity hair dos that you can adorn and hit the road:

  • Demi Moors Sleek Sheath

The blend of a simple cut with a vivid length is remarkable according to fashion designer news. Just ask your stylist to cut your hair straight across at the base, which crafts a single length that can be styled in an array of styles and make you a head turner in an instant.

  • Chloe Moretz’s Piece-y-layers:

Wavy strands add liveliness and bounce to hair, particularly if yours is on the thick and dense side. Tell your stylist to use the scissors at the ends of your hair at different angles so as to fashion movement all across.

  • Zoe Saldana’s Textured cut:

Next in the fashion designer tips is the mid-length cut that looks wonderful with either loose or tight waves. Keeping it short below shoulders breaks the volume making your hair hang loosely and flawlessly.

  • Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s face framing fringe:

Placing a few wispy layers around the face would instantly make you feel pleasing and womanly. If you are low at maintaining your hair, this cut saves you from the hassle of taking care since it grows on its own brilliantly so you can grow hair longer in between the trims.

  • Cara Delevingne’s striking strands:

Hers is a graceful and natural cut. The long and straight cut flatters a round or square face since it lengthens the sides of the face and sharpens the jaw line. All you have to do is invest on a good blow-dryer to speed up the drying time of your hair that runs long.

  • Catherine Middleton’s Swingy Layers:

The Kate cut has been the talk of the town among fashion designer news and girls as much as the royal wedding frenzy. The slightly well placed layers around the face add elegance and sophistication while the below-the-shoulder cut looks stylish with curls or blown out straight.

  • Leigh Lezark’s Angled Ends and Blunt Bangs:

The pointed crossways lines of this cut make the cheekbones prominent, and the uneven bangs slightly curl at the edges to outline the eyes. Even if you are not born with the incredible face bones structure, this cut fabricates one for you.

  • Jennifer Anniston’s Flowy Lob:

The long bob is relaxed but cool. Ask your stylist for irregular layers that start with the chin and moves down around your shoulders.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s Pointy Tips:

The cut has an enraged in feel that’s hot without trying too hard to look sultry. Since curly hair can be tricky to bring to shape, ask your stylist for a dry razor cut. You can witness your hair length as you go along and pointed ends to minimize any frizz.

  • Angelina Jolie’s Voluminous Cut:

Last on the fashion designer tips is this cut that has an undone simplicity. Ask your stylist for fine layers on the base of your hair to create smoothness and bulk and keep some ends vaguely longer in the front for a tangled finish.

Choose from any of these fashion hairstyles and feel the envy!