It’s time for your nails! Perfectly manicured nails look really gorgeous, flaunting your style and completing your overall outfit. Make your nails appear hot, inspiring yourself from the most trendy runaway nail polish hues. There are a variety of nail color options, but only a few of them can make you really hot in the warm season of summer. These shades have all been nailed down from the popular catwalks, so choose one of them and you’ll definitely accept millions of compliments. Don’t forget to consider your skin tone, when opting for a certain nail polish hue. No need to go to a nail salon, start doing your nails on your own, adapting one of the cool hues, represented below.

Red nail color
The vivid color of red is a definite must this season in terms of makeup, clothing and nail polishes. The result will be equally dazzling if you go for a flashy red, coral or orange tone. Apply one or two coat of your preferred red nail polish and try not to go to the sides, if you want to give an illusion of long nails. You can also do a half moon nail design with your red nail polish, becoming a real magnet for positive attention and admiration.

Neon colored nails
With the pop of color present in fashion this year, neon colored nails look just amazing and flashy. You can start experimenting with neon yellow, green, trendy hot pinks, electric blues and other vibrant shades. Apply your desired neon shade individually or turn to your creativeness, getting catchy nail art designs with the help of several neon hues. A great and easy option will be that of double or multiple tone French tip manicure design with your favorite neon colors.

Nude and dark colored nails
To give a refined, mysterious and powerful look to your nails, go for nude or dark colored nail polishes. Surely these hues don’t match everyone, as they create a great contrast with your skin, which really doesn’t look flattering for many women. Underline your gorgeous nails with the help of a black, navy blue, taupe or beige colored nail polish. Use these fabulous shades individually or mix them to get fantastic nail art designs.


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