Makeup is a real art, and not just a simple one, but something powerful that completely changes a woman’s look, making any simple girl appear like a real diva. It has a great power of concealing all the shortcomings and revealing your best features. To achieve mesmerizing results you should first of all study your face, skin type and learn a few basic makeup tips and tricks, regarding its application. No matter you prefer a bold or a diaphanous approach in terms of makeup, try to always stay true to yourself and find the best way of expressing your personality and emotions. Learning how to apply makeup well is a difficult task, but once you overcome this difficulty, it’ll be so easy to hide, enhance and transform.

The carefully chosen foundation base is the first and most essential step in the entire makeup process. The most important thing is to consider your skin type and tone, when choosing a foundation. A great trick is applying the foundation with your fingers, as this makes the foundation enter your skin texture and have a more flawless look. Still, if you have oily skin, you’d better do it with a sponge, as this will keep your skin look fresher and will hide the additional sebum. Besides sponge works fine with larger areas. As for the eye area, you can use a special brush. Make sure you apply a little foundation on your jaw line and neck to avoid the visible distinct line between the tone of your skin and foundation.
Every woman loves concealers, as they correct and camouflage imperfections, like under the eye circles, spider veins and pimples. Besides it refreshes and illuminates your skin, all in one word, it can do anything with your facial skin! A simple rule to follow is that a concealer shouldn’t be applied on your entire face, but only to some imperfect areas. You should avoid applying too much of a concealer, as this will create an artificial and layered skin. Take your skin tone into consideration and try to select an opaque, slightly drier concealer. Apply it with thin, vertical lines on the areas you want, using a special brush and then blend it into your skin.

Powder has a great power to give a matte finish to your makeup. If you apply it directly on your skin, it’ll melt away and tone down the shiny parts of your face, specific to oily skin. Apply the powder with a powder brush or a puff and don’t forget about your ears and neck. Follow the direction your facial hair grows and finally take care the powder blends with your skin well.
A properly chosen blush can be considered the final and perfect touch of your makeup, which gives a healthy and shiny look to your face. Apply the blush with a brush on your cheekbones, going from the temples in. If you prefer creamy textures, you can apply it with your fingers. Finally you can apply a deeper shade of a blush on the hollow of your cheeks, which will create a fantastic contour. Make sure you apply the same amount of blush on each side.
Eye makeup is the best way of defining the beauty of your eyes and it usually starts with eyeshadows. You can play with various eyeshadow hues for sweet, romantic and dramatic effects. Choose a lighter shade for your lid, close to the lash base, using a shadow brush. Then take a larger brush and start blending the eyeshadow going up towards your eyebrows. Finally use a sponge-tip applicator or a shadow brush to blend the edges and create a more natural look.

Eyeliner and mascara
If you want to get a dramatic look, the eyeliner is a great must. You can choose either a liquid or a pencil eyeliner. Pull the eye taunt with your hand and draw the line on your upper lead. On your waterline or the lower lid always use a pencil and apply the line from corner to corner. For smoky eyes makeup, use a shadow brush to smudge your eye makeup. Finally use a mascara, defining your beautiful eyelashes. Start applying it at the inner corner of your eyes and work outward and upward at the base of your eyelashes.
Your makeup can be considered complete, when you apply a lipstick. You can do this with a lip brush for a more flawless application, starting from the inner part of your lips to the outer corners. To create a 3D effect, apply some lip gloss afterwards.
These are the simple rules for getting a flawless and natural makeup. Whatever type of makeup you like, try to always stay as simple and natural, as possible, as this makes you more beautiful and sophisticated.

Image Courtesy of Getty Images