For Spring 2012 Valentino represents us new beautiful hair styles, perfect for the warm season. These pretty and feminine hairdos will make you pop out in the crowd. The romantic braids are easy to create, so read on this article to know how to make one.
So, here are the tips if you want to make this French braid, if you don’t have that much styling skills ask someone to help you.

Brush your hair to remove any knots. Then, take a circular hair section dividing it into 3 parts. Start making a French braid: go under the right ear and all the way around the hairline until getting a full circle. When finished, pin the hair to keep it in place. As the end of the braid, which meets the beginning, tie it with thin hair elastic and tuck it back underneath the braid. You can fix it with some hairspray (your choice) and the Valentino Spring romantic braid is ready.

If you’re interested in making a vintage French braid, begin by separating a hair section in the relaxation from the hair; divide it into 3 equal parts. Braid it by crossing the best section within the strand in the center- the best-hands strand should be in the center strand. Mix the left strand within the middle strand. Then, get a piece of hair on the right side from the mind and combine it with the best section- mix the whole right strand to the center. Next, have a portion of hair in the left side from the mind and add the left strand, mix the left section within the midsection. Continue doing the steps till the tips of the hair.
Remember, these styles are suitable for almost any occasion, whether you’re wearing jeans and a tank top or a light picnic dress for a warm spring day.
This isn’t very complicated, you might need a few times to try it before reaching the result, but, believe me it’s worth it. It gives you a classy, feminine look, so it’s totally worth the hassle.

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