As the festive season is here, you must be seeking Beauty Tips And Secrets of your fashion icons to look your best. Winters are indeed a challenging time for the skin and hair as the dryness in the air and your indoor heating system make your skin and hair deficient in moisture. So you must have a different skin and hair care routine for the dry season to look fab all year round.

Here are some facts about winters and solutions to common winter skin and hair issues:

Skin darkening

Every one of you must have felt at least once that your face and hands get one or two shades darker in winters. The reason is the natural tendency of the skin to produce more oil glands to make up for the loss of moisture due to the dryness in air. To retain your skin shade and natural moisture, you can try the following Glowing Skin Tips:

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  • Use a soft face wash that is less moisture-stripping than gel based formulas.

  • Apply a toner after washing your face instead of an astringent to retain the skin’s natural moisture.

  • Replace your summer moisturizer with a thicker formula that may help retaining water and avoid dryness. Preferably the formula should contain Shea butter, milk cream and glycerin.

  • As lips are the tenderest part of your facial skin, keep them moistened with some petroleum based salve. Avoid peeling the dry skin as these are not dead cells, rather these are a part of the live skin membrane.

  • Include foods containing greater amounts of omega-3 fatty acid and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and E into your diet.

  • In addition to these Beauty Tips And Secrets, drinking plenty of water is also crucial to keep your body hydrated in the dry season.

Lifeless hair

Just like your skin, the moisture from your hair also gets sucked by the dry winter season. The result is lack-luster unmanageable hair. Here is how to care for your hair in winters:

  • Your hair need more frequent conditioning during winters. Look for a quality conditioner and Best Hair Growth Products to make up for the lost moisture.

  • Use warm water during hair wash as hot water will wash off the essential natural oils from your scalp.

  • If your hair feel extremely dry, you may try moisturizing hair treatment. It may wear off the winter effects from your hair.

  • Leave-on conditioners are a good option for winters. You may put some on your comb and then brush through your hair gently to spread it evenly throughout.

  • Try hairstyles that keep your hair tied and do not require repeated combing like braids and top knots.

  • Oil your hair with extra virgin olive oil twice or thrice a weak. It will keep the scalp moistened and make your hair stronger.

  • Avoid too much blowing of your hair during winters, rather dry them with a soft towel. Blowing hair repeatedly will also blow off the natural moisture content.

  • Keeping your hair covered most of the times will also protect them from coming into direct contact with dry wind.

  • If static charge is causing flyaway hair, you can try conditioners with quaternary ammonium compounds that neutralize the charge.


In addition to following these tips and using Best Hair Growth Products, following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep and keeping your body hydrated is also very crucial. If you have a sensitive skin with eczema and similar issues, wear cotton and natural fabrics. Replace your usual bed sheets and towels with extra soft silk bed sheets and cotton towels.