Photo: iVillage

Jared Leto’s hair stylist and the genius behind his current ombré locks, Chase Kusero, has opened up on the Oscar-nominated actor’s enviable hairstyle which has been getting plenty of internet love as of late. Chase says that they both mutually agree that his long hair looks great and want to keep it that way for now:

“[Jared and I] were going to shock everybody and show up for the Academy Awards with a haircut, but it’s looking so good that we don’t really want to cut it. We’ll discuss it this weekend. It’s really important that he doesn’t look like a woman – that’s the biggest challenge.”

Chase also reveals that many actresses have been complimenting Jared on his hair and there is a sense of jealousy because of how well his current ombré hairstyle has worked out – female stars want to copy his style:

“It’s been hard to have him not end up on the ‘best hair’ lists – and that definitely hasn’t been our intention. We’ve even had all these actresses, like Olivia Wilde and Rachel Bilson and Julia Roberts, asking about his hair. He does have amazing hair, so it’s kind of inevitable. He’s definitely going to have long hair at the Oscars.”

With the Oscars coming up on March 2nd, Chase says he hopes to play with Jared’s hair to see what they both like and they’ll likely settle on a style on the day of the big event, but he is leaning towards trying an updo for a change:

“When I see him, we’ll play with his hair for some photos – maybe a high bun, maybe half up, half down – and then go from there. That’s how we got to the pony-bun for the Globes. The big thing on my shoulders right now is if the hair is gonna be up or down – I’m voting up, because we’ve only done it maybe once before. I want to do something with a side part this time, something cleaner.”