Photo: kimkcdn

Kim Kardashian may always have flawlessly applied makeup whenever she steps out, but she has a professional to thank for that! The reality star has revealed that despite owning her own makeup line, Kardashian Beauty, she is far from an expert on the subject. She reveals that although she can pick out a foundation for herself, she doesn’t know what would suit someone else and would find it tricky to match a product to someone else’s skin tone:

“I’m just one foundation color, so I know what would look best on me, but I’m not really good at saying what I think would look good for a darker or a lighter skin.”

Commenting further on their Kardashian Beauty line, sister Kourtney adds that they sit down together to select their favourite products and colours to put in to production because they want the makeup line to be as personal as possible and they want to make sure it represents their own tastes too:

“We give our opinions on products, colors… because it’s our name and it’s our brand… it’s important to us that it’s to our liking and to a certain degree, so we just approve everything and also give inspiration.”

Kim recently admitted that she loves makeup and is so used to seeing herself with a full layer on every day that she often doesn’t recognise herself when she goes makeup-free and thinks she looks weird. She said:

“I feel odd when I don’t wear makeup! I don’t recognise myself.”