Nails are an important thing to look after and make sure to stick through the fashion trends to go with the hottest and newest colors for this summer.

Well, I guess we’re in luck as Kinetics Shield Gel Polish has new and gorgeous colors for summer 2012. The collection is absolutely amazing; it has gorgeous, elegant and flashy colors. What’s more amazing about this collection, is that, it has a long lasting color formula, so  polish your nails with one of these beautiful colors and be done with problem this for more than three weeks. It’s wonderful! It’s exactly what a busy woman needs, because let’s face it, keeping your nails neat and beautiful- takes time. Explore your options with Kinetics Shield Gel Polish Summer 2012 Collection:

  • 047 Smoky Desert
  • 132 Morning On The Beach
  • 139 Diva
  • 157 Rosebud
  • 160 Demure
  • 167 Melting Ice Cream
  • 173 Ready Red
  • 163 Divine
  • 169 Yes
  • 159 Fashion Blue
  • 168 Pale Petunia
  • 184 Mudness

With the selection of these hottest and gorgeous hues you’re ready for a new look for your nails, they’re easy to apply, all you need to do is apply the K-Dehydrator before applying the Kinetics Shield gel polish. After that you can apply the second additional layer (by choice) and wait for it to dry. You can use stickers or stamps, if you’d like to make a certain type of design, but that’s really by choice, so you can change it to anyway you want. So have a look at the colors and start creating new looks for your nails.


Photos courtesy of Kinetics