Photo: FashionandBeauty

Kirsten Dunst was recently named the ambassador of L’Oreal Professionnel, making her the first star to assume the role. The actress says she feels “very honored” to have landed the job, especially with a company that is known to be so closely linked to fashion. Kirsten opens up on some of the hair and beauty looks she has had during her career as an actress,  opening up firstly on the extravagant hair for Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’. She said that it often took several hours to prepare for the cameras:

“But for me it was two hours teasing — I literally had doll hair at the end; it was so fried because of all the hair spray, so that was not fun for me, even though it looked really amazing.”

Speaking on appearing in ‘The Virgin Suicides’, Kirsten adds that the beauty and hair was simple and angelic. She said of the look created:

“In ‘The Virgin Suicides,’ we all looked like a beautiful campaign, just because everyone had the blonde hair and the sunlight — it was so ethereal.”

Staying busy and focused on her career, Kirsten reveals she’s currently working on a surprise project but isn’t ready to share what it is yet:

“I have one that’s really exciting, but I can’t talk about yet; it’s going to be surprising, then I am going to work with another director hopefully also this year that I can’t talk about yet, but it will be a great collaboration for sure.”