We’ve all seen by now just how awkward Kristen Stewart can be, so it shouldn’t come as a total shock that she was nothing but weird during her live chat on Thursday to promote Balenciaga Florabotanica as the face of the new fragrance. The event for the perfume was expected to last for 30 minutes, during which time Kristen would answer questions submitted by fans in the days leading up to the chat. Over 5,000 questions were received, many of which were (not surprisingly) about Robert Pattinson.

Much to the dismay of Twilight fans everywhere, Virginie Mouzat, editor at French magazine Le Figaro, stuck to questions that focused more on the brand and the fragrance as she interviewed the 22-year-old actress. Stewart started out positively enough, admitting in one of her first responses that she genuinely likes the smell of Florabotanica, which makes it easier for her to promote. Mouzat went on to ask Stewart to come up with three words to describe the fragrance, to describe the personality of the perfume, and to then describe it in her own words. Kristen gave somewhat fitting answers, but they were filled with phrases like “uh, I don’t know” and “that is a tough one” that gave away just how unsure of herself she is when speaking.

Even though the chat was already scheduled to be pretty short, Kristen didn’t make it through the whole thing. Around the thirteen-minute mark, Mouzat asked the actress to name a movie that Florabotanica would be so that people could get a better idea of the perfume. Stewart said many times over that didn’t know and that she was even intimidated by the question, but seemed to decide on Alice in Wonderland. Things came to a standstill at this point and Stewart quickly tried to discuss Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière’s artistic vision before signing off. She announced to fans, “I’m sorry we couldn’t fill a whole half hour. I’m really sorry.” When asked if she could say something to the viewers in French, Stewart said she couldn’t and admitted that she hasn’t learned yet because she’s “been a little preoccupied” lately.

We get that Kristen is dealing with the public fallout from her cheating scandal and that she’s admittedly not comfortable with having the spotlight on her, but the act is starting to get old. She’s the one who cheated on Robert Pattinson and brought negative attention to herself, but she’s since reunited with him anyways. As for her camera shyness, she was catapulted to fame several years ago with her starring role in the first Twilight film, so she should be getting used to the attention by now. Acting awkward and fidgety during public appearances and leaving so many fans’ questions unanswered because she gets flustered when asked to say anything at all gives off a really bad impression and makes her seem downright rude.