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‘Made in Chelsea’ star Lucy Watson has opened up on makeup trends. As the new face of Skinny Tan, Lucy has spoken on her favourite makeup trends to try out with freshly bronzed skin. She comments that she is very interested in how bright and bold lips can look with a tanned complexion and thinks it’s a great combination for anyone looking to experiment:

”I don’t usually tend to follow trends but I have noticed one trend at the moment, which I really love. The look is to go for a nice bold lipstick like orange or pink whilst wearing not much on your face. With a nice bronzed skin tone this can look really amazing. I loved this anyway but will vamp it up even more now I know it’s a trend.”

Lucy also picks which of her ‘Made in Chelsea’ co-stars she would love to give a makeover and she admits she would enjoy changing Jamie Laing’s hair and would also like to see him wearing a new brand of tan because she thinks his current tan doesn’t work for him. She said:

”If I was to give anyone a makeover from ‘Made in Chelsea’, since the girls are looking great, preened and well put together, it would have to be one of the boys. Do you know, I really want to get my hands on Jamie’s hair! I’d like to give him some self-tanner as well because the tan that he uses is not good. So I’d give him some Skinny Tan and I’d love to put some brown tones into his blonde hair to make it more natural.”