Makeup is your best friend as long as you really know how to use it and how to transform your look with the help of it. If you are more into seductive makeup looks, you’ll be instantly enchanted by the latest MAC Posh Paradise collection for fall 2011. Full of lavishing and exotic hues, the collection will hypnotize you at the very first glance, so browse through it and find the most tantalizing shades for your delicate features. Get ready to enter the world of makeup paradise with MAC and you are sure to radiate with your luxe makeup in the cold season!

From lush semi-matte lipsticks to provocative eye shadows and vibrant nail polishes, the new limited edition MAC Posh Paradise makeup collection brings extremely delightful hues that will make a great difference in your look. Go ultra-glamorous and seductive by opting for the following high quality products signed MAC:
MAC Mattene Lipsticks ($14.50)
Give a luscious touch to your lips with these gorgeous semi-matte lipsticks, which will deliver the necessary shine to attract attention. The Posh Paradise collection features 10 lush lipstick shades that not only look fabulous, but also feel this way. Make your lips pop by opting for your desired hue from:
• Naked Bliss – a neutral light pink
• Legendary – medium brick red
• Unknown Pleasures – deep red-blue
• Rare Exotic – bright medium tone blue-pink
• Seeds of Desire – deep brown-purple
• Eden Rouge – bright blue-red
• Potent Fig – deep grape blue
• Delectable – crème orange
• Deliciously Forbidden – berry
• Fresh Amour – lavender

MAC Paint Pots ($17.50)
Never overlook the importance of your eye makeup, as delightful peepers enhanced with such amazing hues as MAC offers will always be worth of all praises. From blueberry tones to aqua blue, the collection brings marvelous frosty hues that compliment most skin tones. Choose your favorite from:
• Treasure Hunt – a frosty light pearl yellow
• Half Wild – frosty mid tone purple
• Hyperviolet – frosty deep violet
• Nubile – frosty peachy nude
• Pure Creation – frosty mid tone blue
• Idyllic – frosty mid tone copper bronze
• Genuine Treasure – frosty antique gold tint
• Imaginary – frosty blackened navy

MAC Nail Lacquers ($15.00)
Complete your posh look with an amazing nail polish hue, suggested by MAC. Use the nail lacquers individually or combine them to create impressive nail art designs. Choose one from:
• Immortal Gold – frosty pale gold
• Rain of Flowers – frosty frosty blackened violet with violet pearl
The MAC Posh Paradise Makeup Collection for fall 2011 will be launched on September 15, so stock up, as the products are limited edition!

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics