It seems that MAC puts every effort to design a rich collection for the upcoming fall season and one of the latest additions to its beauty collections for fall 2011 is the MAC Turquatic fragrance collection. It’s a bouquet of new scents for women, who want to reveal their bubbly and energetic personality through a fresh and breezy fragrance. No wonder, a good scent can make a huge difference and usually awaken unusual senses, just like some pleasant memories or emotions, and with the help of MAC Turquatic fragrances you are sure to leave unforgettable memories, wherever you go.

The MAC Turquatic collection for fall 2011 is characterized by floral and woody notes, which will give your skin a fresh and breezy touch, carrying you away on a dreamy journey over the ocean. Anemone, lotus, orris, and an infusion of Corsican cedrat and blue cedar make the base of the fragrances, which together create an energizing effect.
The packaging is also a reflexion of the turquoise ocean with glass bottles. It features a spectrum of colors that gradually change – an ombre colored bottle that goes from sea blue to algae green.
This fantastic mix of scents comes in bottles of 20 and 50 ml, as well as a rollerball stick, which you carry with you everywhere. Boost the sensuality of your body and embrace the beauty of the ocean with the new MAC refreshing sea-spray collection.

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics