Most women have passionate enthusiasm for makeup. Well, you should ladies; it’s an art, a complex one, to be honest. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the result will not be pretty. But everyone can learn anything. You simply need to give it a chance and some a little time. Never feel less of a woman if you don’t know how to apply your makeup; it takes experience and getting acquainted to a few rules.

Use the system of lookbook, i.e. a portfolio to show off a product line, in this case – makeup. You, simply put on makeup, photograph yourself and see how it looks, if you don’t like one thing, change it.
With each upcoming season, the makeup lookbook changes, and if you’re a great fashion enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll find time to see what’s new. The makeup lookbook of fall 2011 is mostly about lips and lashes. With the variety of colors and types, lipsticks and eyelashes are in demand. In winter, the skin tone is added to the latters. Don’t panic, it’s simple, try getting lipstick, mascara and skin tone to work together.
Let’s not forget about celebrities; they can be a real inspiration. This year, Katy Perry still continues to dazzle with her makeup. Check out her lookbook, maybe you’ll find something useful for yourself.
Remember, putting on makeup is art and you are the artist, you can create whatever you desire.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images