What took you so long Marc? A beauty line has always seemed like an obvious move for the Marc Jacobs label to make, and now it’s finally happening in a big way. Not one to start off small, Marc has created an extensive collection of beauty products – lip balms, lipsticks, glosses, nail polishes, foundations, eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, eyeliners, eye crayons, blushes and even more. The colors are girly, shimmery and bright, with some basics thrown in for good measure such as more neutral beige tones (eyes and lips) and more subtle nail shades too. There is a big emphasis on bright pink, red and purple colors, while many products have added shimmer/glitter finishes.

The packaging is timeless and simple: thick black lids, rounded glass containers, silver palettes and simple ‘Marc Jacobs’ logos complete the look of the beauty collection – modern yet elegant.

Here is just a cross section of the products that will hit stores. There are multiple shades of each and even more products available (this is really extensive with 122 products available in total!). The first Marc Jacobs beauty collection will be available from August 9th.


e567477254c51e7b_Marc_Jacobs_Beauty_Enamored_Hi-Shine_Lacquer_in_136_Desire.xxxlarge Highlighter-Gel-Crayon-50-Nice-25 Highlighter-Gel-Crayon-Jazzberry-25 Lash-Lifter-Gel-Volume-Mascara-Blacquer-26 Lip-Lock-Moisture-Balm-24 LoveMarc-Lip-Gel-126-Neo-Noir-30 Lust-Lacquer-Lip-Vinyl-312-Lust-Life-28 Magic-Marcer-Precision-Pen-Eyeliner-30 Shameless-Bold-Blush-218-Tantalizing-30 Style-Eye-Con-3-Plush-112-Mod-42