We all know that makeup plays a great role in a woman’s makeover, however it doesn’t mean that you can apply it any way and look impressive with a spotless complexion and perfectly proportionate features. To be always on top and to stay on trend, it’s highly advised to learn several makeup tips and the newest beauty techniques. Study your skin type and find out which hues and cosmetic formulas complement to your skin. With these must know makeup tips, you are sure to always shine with freshness and beauty.

Foundation Tip
Everything starts from a well-chosen foundation and its proper application. Choose a foundation formula, taking into consideration your skin type and tone. When applying the foundation, it’s advised to tackle the most delicate spots as the hairline, ear lobes, jaw line, the area under the eyes along with the corners of the mouth and nose for a more flawless look.
Concealer Tip 
Professional makeup artists usually combine foundation with concealers to hide the most visible imperfections of the skin. If you prefer a cream or a powder foundation, make sure to apply the concealer first. And if you like using a fluid foundation, it’s advised to apply it first and only then hide the small skin problems with a concealer.
Eyeliner Tip
If you want to lay the accent on your eyebrows, it’s a must to work with sharpened eyeliners. To achieve best results, place your eyeliner into the freezer for no more than 10 minutes. This will harden the pencil, allowing you to sharpen it easily and apply without any effort.
Eye Shadow Tips
According to professional makeup artists, it’s a must to apply your eye shadow from the outer corner of the eye upwards. Afterwards use a lighter highlighter on the brow bone for a more magical effect. Finally define the beauty of your eyes with the help of a good mascara.
Lip Makeup Tip
The most sensual part of our face is definitely lips and to bring out all the charm of them, it’s advised to know several tips on applying the lipstick. It’s a great trick to first apply a tiny layer of eye shadow to the center of the lower and upper lips, in a color that suits your lip shade. Afterwards apply the lipstick and if you have more prominent lip lines, you should do this vertically rather than horizontally as we usually do.
With these easy-to-remember makeup tips you are sure to get an irresistible look that will steal everyone’s attention around you.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images