When you look at the new Orly Feel the Vibe Summer 2012 nail polish collection you do feel the vibe! The Summer 2012 Nail polish collection by Orly represents us 6 new fabulous colors; four of them neon, the other two nontraditional summer hues of gray and black. The collection is called “Feel the Vibe”, as you take a peek at the nail polishes you do feel the vibe which takes you to a summer spirit. This summer is all about neon nail colors, so we have a variety of collections, colors of many trends, however the Orly collection for summer 2012 differs exclusively in color variation and uniqueness.

The collection features:

  • 40760 Beach Cruiser- fuchsia neon
  • 40761 Skinny dip- navy blue with iridescent blue
  • 40762 Dayglow- pearl white
  • 40763 After Party- electric light blue
  • 40764 Melt Your Popsicle- orange neon
  • 40765 Glowstick- neon yellow

It’s already in stores since April, so you can have the collection in no time. As summer is around the corner, you need something new, fun, gorgeous and neon to start the season. This collection is the beginning to make your nails the hottest accessories. Add it to a matching tow ring and your sexy outfit for the beach is ready! Don’t be confused if you haven’t used neon nail polish before, take a chance to try it, I’m sure it’ll suit your nails. I, myself, can’t remember the last time I had a neon nail polish, so I’m on my to the store, my advice to you is to definitely try it. It’s the colorful and radiant surprise for summer; it gives you something new and gorgeous- it’s time to feel the vibe!

Photos courtesy of Orly