Well, we have new fashion trends of nails for bright and sunny summer. So get ready to make your look more brighter and colorful, it’ll be fun to do it; set up your nail polishes and start creating some art.
Here are a few pastel nail art ideas to guide you through for the upcoming seasonal look;

Color Block Pastels
To get this version you’ll need glossy pigmented nail polish hues to get either ombre, marbled or graphic details. It’ll be up to you to decide whether to use different colors on each nails or not. In a way make a dare and let your imagination set free to create any way you like.

Pastel Floral Motifs
In order to get this design make sure to have acrylic paint and floral stickers or stamps in different colors. Make sure to use these before getting more skilled, then you can do without these additions. The floral motifs are always beautiful and feminine and will absolutely suit for a warm sunny day, so if you haven’t tried it before, make sure to do it- I know I will!

Graphic Details
Now, this style is a bit difficult to create, but no worries, if you really want it, you can give a few shots before reaching the result you want. So, start on with stripes, marbled effects, stars or polka dots or hearts with glitter or without it- whatever version you desire. Summer’s on the way so, practice to get the extravagant stylish look for your nails.
These are just a few ideas to get you started on your nail looks; stylish beautiful clothes go better with matching nail polishes. Explore your ideas, match them with the ones mentioned above and start experimenting- it’ll be fun I promise. Make sure to try things you haven’t yet had the time to do it. I, myself am going through the floral motifs, to see what will happen. So, good luck to me and to you ladies, let’s make those nails sparkle!