Let’s talk a little about Ralph Lauren, shall we? I would like to introduce you the new Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Spring 2012 lookbook. I’m actually fascinated, I hardly believe it myself. The collection is really amazing: featuring strong colors and denim looks fused with interestingly carved hippie style (to be honest that’s what really shook my doubt a little bit, but after examining it for a while I saw spark).

The collection has pants, maxis, skirts, jeans, shorts, casual jackets, summer totes and everyday accessories in denim style with bohemian looks that will look great on you in the summer season.
Here’s the idea that these trends represent; walk nomadic youngsters with hippie spirits, fell freedom and be free, let it be expressed.
The suit-all jackets, chic ruffled, washed out jeans designs, and urban bandana prints really give you a hippie style- it takes you back to the good old days. And if you want to add a little extra to that, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply offers you extra-short shorts with a flimsy red tank top, a maxi-scarf and cowboy boots, old-school denim overall with a basket-weave straw fendora classically military double-breasted jacket with faded flare jeans.

I do have to confess that hippie style goes perfectly with denim, already had time to try it myself. The revolution is mesmerizing. I did love the minimalist style tank tops; I think they’ll go smoothly with denim shorts. It’s a matter of using your creativity, and best, the trend gives us a large variety to try on. I really love the idea that these outfits are multifunctional; choose to wear then whether you’re spending a casual day in the city or hanging out at the beach. And last, the line of accessories for this season is- XXL slouchy denim bags, woven belts, bandana, stacked jewelry and bohemian style scarves, so boost up a place and start making a huge place in your wardrobe for the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Spring 2012.

Image courtesy of Ralph Lauren