It seems like Rihanna garners as much attention for her hairstyle changes as she does for her music and for her alleged relationship with Chris Brown combined. She’s making waves yet again for the new ‘do she debuted the other day. She was first spotted with the edgy style last weekend on the set of her music video for her latest single “Diamonds.” The singer showed off a half-shaved side, along with shoulder-length locks on the rest of her head.

The style isn’t entirely different from one Rihanna rocked earlier this year, but when you’ve dyed your hair every color and cut it into every style, you have to repeat eventually! We’ve seen the singer with bright red hair, natural-looking brunette waves, short bleach blond locks, and, most recently, a black pixie cut.

Since Rihanna switched from such a short ‘do to a longer style, she definitely had to add some extensions to her hair. To get a similar look by adding length and volume to your style, you could try using cheap human hair extensions. You’ll be able to switch up your hairstyle in a split second, just like Rihanna!

Rihanna isn’t the only star that’s updated her look lately. Check out some other celebrities that have made big changes to their hair!

Ashley Greene

The Twilight actress recently debuted her dye job – she’s a redhead now! Her hair is so bright that it seems like Rihanna herself may have been the inspiration for this switch. If you’re not sure about drastically changing your hair color, try out some colored human hair extensions to get a feel for what you’d look like with bright tresses.

Britney Spears

After her unfortunate head-shaving incident, we think it’s great that Britney Spears has any hair on her head at all. The pop star recently found a way to update her ‘do in a much more subtle way by debuting pink, purple, and turquoise cheap human hair extensions in her blond locks.