A real voguish fashionista gets ready for the new season not only updating her wardrobe, but also her look by sporting the hottest and the trendiest hairstyles, inspired by the famous runaways. There are so many hairstyle ideas there for fall 2011, all you need to do is choose something new and fresh each time to look different. Just check out the new runway inspired hairstyles for fall/winter 2011/2012 and spice up your look.
The new season retrieves the old and the new in terms of hairstyles, so you can experiment with various styles every time. The longer your hair, the more options you’ll have, but if you want to do something that requires long hair, you can turn to hair extensions and get your desired length in an instance,
With vintage being the dominant trend this year on the runaways, this amazing style requires similar hot hairstyles. The luscious waves reflecting light create a very sophisticated, glamorous and romantic look that is suitable for various occasions. There are numerous techniques that will help you get those amazing soft waves, so try different methods and choose the best one for you. Leave your hair loose around your face or pull your hair up into a bun, a half updo or a low ponytail, according to your preferences.

If you want to get a trendy hairstyle that will scream casualness, but will also be suitable for formal events, opt for braided hairstyles, as they look amazing both on long and medium hair. Go for a simple version and braid two ponytails, allowing them gently fall down on your shoulders or try some more complicated versions, getting a bolder look or just sport a feminine and timeless milkmaid braid. All these braided hairstyles will instantly add a high dose of sophistication and romanticism in your look, making you stand out for your unique style.

Updo hairstyles have been very trendy this year and they continue to be in fashion in the cold season as well. There are multiple ways to style your hair into an updo, such as a neat bun styled low, centered or high up top, pinned hair strands and swirls and other styles. With so many options available, you’ll have to just turn to your creativeness and use your styling skills to get a hot look in the new season.

Photo courtesy or elle.com