Photo: HeatWorld

British reality star Sam Faiers, who appears in ‘The Only Way is Essex’, has opened up on crafting her first fragrance named ‘la Bella’ which she says has been inspired by her childhood in Spain. She says the country is like a second home to her and she wanted to reflect her happy memories spent there through the new scent. She opened up:

”La Bella means ‘the beautiful’ in Spanish and Italian. Growing up I lived in Spain, and my grandparents still live out there – it’s like a second home. I wanted to build a perfume that was elegant and pretty, I wanted it to mean something to me. I didn’t want to name the perfume something silly, so [it reminds me of my] Spanish background.”

Speaking on the scent itself, Sam says she has made her perfume to be youthful and sweet, but still with an appeal to people of all ages:

”It’s quite sweet, but it’s not sickly sweet. My following is quite young, but I wanted the fragrance to be across all ages. To me it represents sophistication and [can be worn] everyday, as well being classy and elegant.”

Sam was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease earlier this year and says she is now very focused on her health as a result:

”Everyone is being really supportive … I’ve been cutting out carbs, working with my personal trainer, everything in moderation really. Just living a healthy lifestyle. I do kettle bells with my trainer so I don’t do cardio, it’s more about toning.”