The fall 2011 makeup trends are concentrated either on too bold dark shades or on soft and neutral hues, and the mixture of them will be especially spectacular, making you look extraordinary any time and everywhere. Sonia Rykiel is the one, who tries to cover all the hottest shades of the season in the new Sensual makeup collection for fall 2011. The Sensual makeup collection features a fascinating blend of colors, which can effortlessly catch everyone’s attention.
The name of the collection perfectly describes the new style, brought by Sonia Rykiel, so if you want to look uber sensual and trendy, go for these amazing shades and enhance your facial features in no time. Use soft colors for a neutral makeup look or opt for attention-grabbing highly pigmented bright or dark hues, according to your mood and occasion. Leave a sensual impression with these high quality products:
Sonia Rykiel Eyeshadow Duo
Sonia Rykiel’s fabulous eyeshadow duos feature two complementing hues with a dab of shimmer, capable of defining your eyes to the maximum. There are 10 amazing duos in the collection for everyone to pick up their best matches, so find your favorite color combo and boost your peepers.

Sonia Rykiel Mousse Eyeshadow
Thanks to the creamy texture of these eyeshadows, you can easily glam up your look, so opt for one of the amazing hues, which are aqua blue, pearl, peach, coral and brown.
Sonia Rykiel Eye Makeup Base
For a long lasting eye makeup look, Sonia Rykiel presents a new eye makeup base that will become a perfect foundation for all your eyeshadows. The creamy texture and the nude coloration will ensure a flawless eye makeup look from day to night.

Sonia Rykiel Lash Extension Mascara
Certainly no eye makeup look will go without a lash extension and the new mascara, signed Sonia Rykiel promises a stunning lash lengthening effect. The thin and elongated mascara wand will give a great definition and length to your lashes, so opt for one of the 3 shades available: black, brown and plum.
Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lipstick
Luscious lips have always been the strongest point of any makeup, so don’t overlook this aspect and choose one of the fantastic lipstick shades, according to your personality and skin tone. The Sublime Lipsticks are mainly concentrated on the nude theme, but there are also some rosy and burgundy hues as well, if you want to make a statement. Find your favorite lipstick color from 10 amazing hues available.

Sonia Rykiel Cheek Color Powder
Blush plays a very important role in makeup this year, so get the flattering natural flush of your cheeks, opting for Sonia Rykiel’s multicolor mix cheek powder. Highlight your best facial features with these shimmery shades, consisting of rosy or peach notes.
Sonia Rykiel Shiny Nail Color
Finalize your stylish look with a complementing nail varnish. Look natural or choose a cool metallic hue that will scream glamour and luxury with Sonia Rykiel’s 5 Shiny Nail Color hues, 2 mattes and 3 metallic.

Photo courtesy of Sonia Rykiel Cosmetics