A true voguish fashionizer pays attention to every single detail and nail polish is a small, yet powerful detail in your style, which should never be overlooked. If you still don’t support this idea that mush, you’ll definitely change your point of view, once you take a look at the new SpaRitual Truth Nail Polish Collection. The collection features a myriad of hues, letting you pick up something matchy for you, but still if you want your nail polish to fit in between the boundaries of the latest fashion trends, select a hue that truly corresponds to the season. The spring/summer 2011 nail polish collection of SpaRitual has been designed the way to suit the hottest fashion and color tendencies of this season. Like many other designers, SpaRitual was also inspired by the beauty of flower gardens, when creating this specific collection.

Besides the gorgeous colors, SpaRitual also presents eco-friendly nail polishes that will protect your nails and the environment. The nail polishes contain vegan ingredients, so if you strive to protect the environment, these nail polishes are exactly for you.
The SpaRitual nail polishes are colored naturally, without using any synthetic dyes. There are 6 creamy hues, featured in the collection, which you can wear individually or mix/match, creating endless nail art designs. Pick up your favorite hues among:

• Circle of Life – vibrant crème blue
• Knowledge is Power – hot pink crème
• Reveal Yourself – lavender crème
• Enlightened Soul – bright yellow crème
• Eye of the Beholder – light green crème
• Face of Destiny – peach crème
Let your imagination go wild to create various dazzling nail art designs with the help of the SpaRitual Truth Nail Polish Collection.

Photo courtesy of SpaRitual