This summer is all about messy, effortless and loose hairstyles, which are also extremely lovely and feminine. Summer 2011 hairstyles are utterly chic and practical, and at the same time easy to sport without requiring too profound skills and professional styling tools. From simple side braids and classy ponytails to more complicated twists and French braids, they all look very voguish and bold this season. Get ready to change up your look in an instance, sporting various braids, twists and ponytails and getting a typical image of an adorable sweetheart.

One of the easiest and most impressive summer 2011 hairstyles is a braid. Besides being rather sweet and girlie, they are also chic and innocent. A side braid always looks sensual and hot, especially with some flyaways over your face. Avoid getting skinny plaits, as they are quite unflattering. On the contrary, try to make your plaits appear as thick and healthy, as possible. To create a more bohemian atmosphere, go for the milkmaid braids and to look more daring and edgy turn to the Gothic version. And if you lack some style inspiration and seem to be sick and tired of your everyday hairstyle, inject some stripes of thin braids into your hair and that’s it.

Hermès                                                               Valentino

Erdem                                                            Givenchy

Lacoste                                                     Charlotte Ronson

The timeless ponytail has made a huge comeback this season. Its endless versatility is highly appreciated, whether you want to get a more glamorous or a relaxed, laid-back style. No other hairstyle combines casual and elegant better, than a ponytail, whether it’s a retro one with messy effect or a shiny and refined one. A modern ponytail is the best option, no matter you are getting ready for a hot date or a day at the office. To get a more sophisticated look, take a lock of hair and hide the elastic band wrapping it over.

Celine                                                           Chanel

Issey Miyake                                         Giambattista Valli

If you are already tired of braids and ponytails, add some attitude to your summer look with the help of a stylish twist. There are so many sources of inspiration for casual and formal occasions. Twists look extremely hot, glamorous and sexy, without giving the impression of trying too hard. At first glance it may seem quite a complicated hairstyle, however it’s very easy to sport and is done in no time. Just make a side parting, roll each side into a twist and finally secure the rolled ponytail with pins. Whether a simple twisted updo or a more elegant and complex one, they look very chic and modern and give the feeling of a fresh and nonchalant feeling.
Try to avoid a monotonous look and inject some modern touch into your appearance, by sporting the hottest hairstyles of the warm season.

Gucci                                                  Luca Luca

Louis Vuitton                                              Donna Karan


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