Shu Uemura first announced back in June that they’d release a holiday collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld called “Mon Shu Uemura.” Now, just a few weeks after debuting his Spring 2013 collection for Chanel, Lagerfeld finally gets to debut his collaboration with the Japanese makeup company. The idea for the partnership came after it was revealed that Karl has been using eye shadows from the brand to color his sketches for the past 20 years. The designer believes this is a better method than using pastels because no one else has colors like the makeup brand.

Karl designed the character Mon Shu to be the star of the collection and to represent the “Eastern, perfect, mysterious, modern” feeling the products are supposed to evoke. Her name is a play on the phrase “mon chou,” which means “my dear” in French. She has red eyes, a black bob, wears Karl’s signature white collar and black tie and is included on all the product packaging, as well as in a video released to promote the partnership. Aside from the similarities she bears to the designer, Lagerfeld says Mon Shu also takes inspiration from Japanese schoolgirls because, “they dress a little like me, even if this is more exaggerated.”

The 17-piece line, which includes lip colors, fake eyelashes, nail polishes, nail stickers, an eyelash curler and more, was first revealed at a party last month. Mon Shu was out in full force at the fete, made into a giant balloon placed in the middle of the venue and printed onto small desserts. Mon Shu stickers were also applied to some attendees’ nails, while others used claw game machines to pull stuffed toy versions of her out of tanks.

When it came down to selecting the actual products, Karl had a tough time. He admitted that it wasn’t easy to pick just a few things out from everything Shu Uemura makes, especially when so much of it went along with the mood and spirit of Mon Shu. He aimed “to invent my personal vision of a Japanese manga.” The brand customized several of their existing products for Karl’s collection, and also created a special red eye shadow that the designer always dreamed of using in his sketches. One of the pairs of false eyelashes in the collection is made of black and red fabric, which is also a first for the brand. Take a look at several of the products below!

Smoky Purple Palette & Smoky Green Palette

Eyelash Curler & Mini Brush Set

Shu Shu Red Nail Polish, Dark Purple Gel Eyeliner, & Mon Shu Red Lipstick

Premium Eyelashes, Nail Stickers, & Mini Eyelashes

Makeup Box, Cleansing Oil, & UV Under Base

Kakuyasu Uchiide, the international artistic director for Shu Uemura, had a hard time containing his enthusiasm for the collection when revealing that, “Working with Karl was one of my dreams as a professional makeup artist.” Everyone else at the brand seems just as excited. Their worldwide general manager Vincent Nida stated that, “Blending the borderless creativity of Karl Lagerfeld to the makeup expertise of Shu Uemura, we believe this collaboration will bring fun, excitement and modernity to the brand.”

The collection will be available on Shu Uemura’s website starting on October 22 and is priced from $27 for a bottle of nail polish to about $368 for the makeup box. It’ll be released in the U.K. and Canada on the same day, and will be launched in Japan, China, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, and France in November.