Lady Gaga’s extreme clothing choices and hairstyles changes are nothing new. She obviously dances to the beat of her own drum, and she doesn’t usually wear things that all other stars are wearing. Her latest hairstyle, though, is just a new take on what many other stars have been doing for a while now – the undercut! Gaga tweeted a picture earlier this week of a triangular shaved spot on the back of her head, which she did in honor of the passing of photographer Terry Richardson’s mother.

Lady Gaga’s shaved patch is on the back of her head, but several other stars have embraced the trend by shearing off the hair on one side of their head. Miley Cyrus has made headlines recently for the drastic changes she’s made to her image, and even took some flack for having the same hairstyle as singer Pink at the VMA’s. Avril Lavigne, who has always prided herself on being rebellious, was first spotted with an undercut over the summer.

Singers Cassie and Robyn and model Alice Dellal have rocked the undercut for years now. It’s obvious that they’re not just jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to the hairstyle.

Some stars have already moved past the undercut trend. They embraced it for a while, but have since displayed drastically different hairdos. Rihanna changes her hair all the time and opted for a pixie cut last week, but she once had an undercut. Former Spice Girl Mel B and Will Smith’s daring daughter Willow Smith sported undercuts a few years ago too.

What do you think of the undercut trend? Is it the hottest hairstyle in Hollywood, or is it just trashy? Would you try it yourself, or should no one ever cut their hair like this again?