Nothing speaks of your beauty better than a healthy, radiant skin, but achieving this is rather difficult. Our lifestyle, wrong skin treatment, diet, stress, hormones, the environment and many other factors influence our skin greatly, so to have a fabulous, youthful and flawless skin, you need to know how to care and protect your skin. There are numerous useful tips for a perfect looking skin, therefore take a look at these ones and make sure you include them in your daily routine.

Flawless and healthy skin has always been the dream of many girls, and even Cleopatra, who was famous for her divine beauty, included some useful tips in her daily routine. She used such natural ingredients as milk and essential oils for a silky skin. If you also want to achieve mesmerizing results, follow these easy steps:
One of the biggest mistakes is excessive cleansing. Our skin is protected with a coat of natural oils and if you try too hard to remove this natural protection, it will cause sensitive skin, which is very difficult to maintain. Use facial cleanser in the morning and evening to have a clean skin, but avoid stripping away its natural protection.
Using facial creams and makeup all the time blocks the oil, secreted by skin and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. So avoid any makeup and creams once in a while and let your skin breathe at night.
Another great mistake is applying the cream only to the facial area, neglecting your neck. Actually, your neck needs equal attention and it’s even more delicate than the rest of your skin. Use moisturizing products on a daily basis for your neck to get a gentle and smooth skin. When you apply cream to your face, extend it down to your collarbone as well.

From time to time cleanse your skin with steam, as it opens up the pores and helps you get rid of all the impurities without roughing-up your skin. Pour some water into a bowl, and add a few drops of lemon, lavender or rose petal. Lean over the bowl with your face, covering up your head with a towel to not let the steam out. Avoid staying too close to the water.
Keep your hair off your face, as it will transfer all the dust and oil to your skin, especially during the night. Before going to bed, sport a loose ponytail or wrap your hair into a silk scarf.
Use some eye makeup remover, as it’s enriched with oils that removes your eye makeup more effectively and makes your eyes fresh and clean. Make sure to wash your skin after removing your makeup to ensure it’s residue free.
These are very simple tips to follow and your skin will certainly look flawless and shining.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images