I think we can all agree that fragrance is one of the most important and dominant accessories in fashion. The art of seduction through scent, the science of odor advantage have been studied for centuries. In the past few decades more scents have been made than you can possibly imagine, so it’ll definitely be hard for you to try them all at least once. Try to outline the ones that you think go well with your skin odor and use them in a combination.

Since the list of perfumes is very, very long, it will take you months to single out some of them. Perhaps, you should try the following. Here’s a list of top 10 women’s perfumes for 2011:
• Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir
• Addict to Life by Dior
• Chanel No19 Poudre by Chanel
• Le Premier by Lolita Lempicka
• Especially Escada by Escada
• Harvest 2011 Very Irresistible Rose Damascena Givenchy
• Love by Kim Kardashian
• Gucci Guilty Intense by Gucci
• Violet Blonde by Tom Ford
• Vanitas by Versace
If you are seeking for a new fragrance, this shortlist will help you make a quick and easy decision.
A small tip to go along: don’t overdo with the fragrance, don’t spray too much in order to be noticeable, it will have quite the opposite effect, trust me. Just a small touch of your favorite fragrance with your natural scent and you are good to go!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images