It’s really amazing how you can easily change your look with various long hairstyles! It’s high time to start experimenting with multiple trendy hairstyle ideas and bring out the best of your fabulous long locks. The new season has already brought a great variety of interesting and modish hairstyle ideas, so all you have to do is benefit from your long locks and exposes yourself from the best sides, playing with a dozen of long hairstyles. It’s not that difficult to get a salon trendy updo, if you have all the necessary styling tools at home. All you need is a little bit of creativity and if you lack this, just draw some inspiration from the models in the photos below. Sport various hairdos, regardless of your hair texture and look great in your versatility.

One of the trendiest updos of 2011 is a bun. You can sport an elegant neat sleek bun on top of your head or a relaxed low bun with flirty twists on the nape of your neck. Besides the fact that buns are extremely hot in 2011, they are also the best options against hot summer days, as your hair doesn’t fall down on your neck, which is really irritating during the summer heat. You can add a sweet and girlish touch to your bun with the help of a few stylish bobby pins. Actually, it’s very easy to sport a bun: all you need for this is a comb, a hair elastic, bobby pins and a little bit of creativity.

With the arrival of the vintage fashion, vintage hairstyles have also become very popular in 2011. If you are a bold fashionizer, opt for flattering side rolls, which easily end into a trendy bun. A catchy hairstyle can be elegant faux-bobs with the ends turned outwards and stuck with bobby pins. These type of hairstyles look amazing on any hair texture and are a great way of hooking everyone’s attention. You can opt for vintage hairstyles especially if you are invited to a romantic dinner or a beautiful evening.

Simplicity is really something appreciating when the word goes about hairstyles, but it doesn’t mean that you have to always keep your hair loose. A simple updo can also look very trendy, so learn how to do it. Gather your hair together into a simple ponytail and then divide the ponytail into two halves, securing the ends with bobby pins or a hair elastic.
Another good option for a simple hairdo is creating a messy updo with bobby pins. Pull the hair back, twist it and secure with bobby pins. There is one rule in this hairstyle, the messier, the better and the trendier. You can sport this type of hairstyle just before going out and have a marvelous look.
Whatever hairstyle you like, never get stuck in a styling routine and experiment with the great versatility, offered. Like in fashion, in hairstyles too creativity is highly appreciated, so step out of your box and show off your styling talent.

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