Photo: InStyle

The annual Met Ball is due to take place on May 5th and fashion’s biggest night out of the year rarely disappoints. Designer Zac Posen has weighed in on the subject, revealing that he believes the red carpet will be “spectacular” this year, especially because Vogue editor Anna Wintour has cut down the list to make the event more exclusive, so he thinks those who do get invited will pull out all of the stops to make it memorable:

”I think people are going to look spectacular! I think we are going to see lots of major, major gowns and very strong iconic moments. You know, it’s a very cut down list so I think everyone that’s going is expected to shine.”

Zac has commented that he won’t be wearing one of his own designs to the big event, and for the first time ever worked with another designer who created his outfit for the special occasion:

”I had the experience for the first time ever in my life having couture made for me by another American designer, and its been an incredible experience. I am very excited to debut that at the Met in honor of James.”

The exhibit this year will honor designer Charles James, and Posen says he has already had a sneak peek and was left very impressed with the designs on show:

”I have had a sneak peek of the exhibit, and it looks spectacular. In a few weeks Anna and myself as well as a few other special people will cut the ribbon.”