Man Magnet Perfume,how to attract your man?Perfumes play a great role in one’s style and should express its carrier’s personality, interests and likings. It’s something according to which people can form an opinion about you, like or dislike you. Perfumes can become a great magnet for the opposite gender, if chosen properly and applied in the right way. Some may think that there is no right or wrong way of application, when it comes to perfumes, but actually if applied wrong even the most expensive and perfect perfumes can appear unappealing and repellent.

According to certain researches, guys have preferences, when it comes to women’s fragrances, so if you want to stand out in the crowd with your sense-pampering scent and become a great magnet for your man due to your perfume, you should first know a few tricks about its appliance. Take a look at the following tips on using your perfume as a man magnet and learn how to drive your beloved one crazy with your nose-pampering aroma that suits your personality and style. Apply the formula on your skin with a great care and have success during your hot dates.

1.Choose a perfume with pumpkin pie and lavender

If you are looking for the ultimate scent that will make heads turn, choose a perfume with pumpkin pie and lavender, as these aromas generate relaxation guys go crazy about. Apply a small amount of fragrance with these two miraculous elements and be sure to make a real style statement.

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2.Apply it on the hot spots

It’s important to pay a special attention to the areas you spritz your favorite perfume. Make sure to apply it on the hot spots, such as your neck, the collarbone, the earlobes and under your chin. Keep in mind that if you apply your fragrance on the nape of your neck, your body will start emanating the delicious aroma thanks to the rising pulse. Go for a roller-bar applicator to easy your job, or if you want to create a subtle, sophisticated effect, use the regular pump bottle.

3.Create a gorgeous scent for your hair

Your hairstyle plays an essential role in setting up your image, however you should also pay attention to the way it smells. Guys adore smelling your hair and feeling the scent of a delicious perfume or a fabulous shampoo. They especially like it when hair smells vanilla. You can find a hair or a body perfume of a gorgeous scent for your hair, which won’t cause any damage to your tresses.

4.Apply it on the delicate spots to layer the scent

Another great trick is to apply your perfume on the delicate spots, then dress up, finally spray a little amount of fragrance into the air and slowly walk through it. Two spritzes will simply do magic with your body.

Final Word

With these easy and useful tips and tricks you are sure to always appear delicious to your man!