Summer Hat for Face Shape is likely a good choice to maximize your style.Hat is a great accessory, which is both aesthetic and practical. Besides becoming an essential part of your overall image, it can also protect you from extreme heat and sun rays. It’s far the best way to avoid sunstrokes, yet many women prefer not to wear it, as they are of the opinion that no hat style looks good on them.

That’s definitely not true, if you choose your hat, taking into consideration your face shape, your style and overall outfits. If you want to look both voguish and protected from summer sun rays, take a look at the following useful fashion tips on how to choose a summer hat for different face shapes.

1.Summer Hats for Oblong Face

If you have an oblong face, try to stay away from square hats, as they usually elongate the face. Instead, a great option will be hats with a medium or low crown, or wide brims. Hats with various ornamentations, such as flowers, bows or other sweet details will make your look more girlish and cute.

2.Summer Hats for Square Face

For square face types, the best hat style is the one with wide brims. A hat with lots of curves will also look stunning on you. Square-faced girls should forget about square-shaped hats.

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3.Summer Hats for Round Face

If you have got quite a round face, the most flattering hat type for you will be the one with wide brims, such as fedoras, cowboy and sun hats. To look more stylish in your fedora hat, it’s advised to wear it with a slight slant.Try to avoid hats with low crowns and small brims.

4.Summer Hats for Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces appear to be quite versatile, when the word goes about choosing a hat. You can try berets, cloches and hats with medium-length brims.

5.Summer Hats for Oval Face

Girls with oval-shaped face are the luckiest ones, as they’ll look great in almost any hat style. Opt for newsboy hats and fedoras, as they are very hot this summer. You can wear it in different ways, like forward, backward or tilted to the side. The only hat you should stay away from is the one with crowns narrower than the cheekbones

Final Word

Picking a good summer hat should be fun just make sure it fits your face shape not only look stylish but comfortable and protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.